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As one would expect in criminal defense matters, our clients often come to us anxious and confused about the unknown, in the face of governmental charges, investigation, and intrusion into their personal and professional lives.


Far too often our culture and even our criminal justice system is all too eager to presume someone guilty until proven innocent. This perversion of our system is dangerous and requires those charged to seek the help of experienced and talented advocates for their case.


At Sudduth & Associates, we commonly like to use the phrase that we “level the playing field” but we want to take a minute and explain exactly what that means. Think for a moment of all the resources in the possession of the State: officers to effect an arrest or issue a warrant, detectives to investigate a case and question witnesses, forensic equipment and laboratories to test evidence, and finally prosecutors, with their own investigators, armed with virtually unlimited resources with which to effectively prosecute the accused. It is as easy to see as it is disparaging just how stacked the deck is against the accused.


If you are accused, you need a team of investigators, paralegals, clerks, and attorneys who can just as aggressively defend the charge as the State can prosecute one. At Sudduth and Associates, we pride ourselves with being that leveling force for so many people.


As a former prosecutor, James Sudduth leads an incredibly talented team of individuals in aggressively defending the rights, reputation, and confidentiality of the accused. There is truly no substitute for the critical eye of one prosecutor evaluating the case of another prosecutor. Mr. Sudduth brings his attention to detail, years of professional experience, and genuine care for his clients to each case.


Criminal charges can be devastating: both professionally and personally. Level the playing field. Call us today so that we can fight for you! Our criminal defense attorneys defend those accused of all possible criminal charges, from the highest level felonies to the lowest level misdemeanors, whether at the local, state or federal levels.


Our services extend to every aspect of traditional criminal law, including and beyond the following areas:

Criminal Defense

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