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Traffic Violations & CDL Issues

Traffic violations: we’ve all had our fair share of experiences with them. You know what we mean. Driving down the interstate, with two minutes to get to work and you’re ten minutes away. What do you do? Speed, right? Then all of a sudden, in your rearview mirror you see the red and blue lights–a cop. Now, not only will you be extra late to work, you’ll probably be forced to pay fines for speeding and your insurance premium may go up. Traffic violations are the thorn in the side of a commuter, but they’re a necessary evil to ensure that all drivers arrive at their destination safely. However, even though traffic violations such as speeding, seat belt requirements, reckless driving, or driving without a valid driver’s license may seem harmless and easy to take care of, they can come with harsh consequences whether you are a daily commuter trying to get to work on time or are employed as a truck driver for a company.

Drivers who are required to carry a commercial driver’s license (CDL) because of their job are expected to have a clean driving record. In 1986, Congress passed the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, which compelled drivers driving buses or semi-trucks to pass standard testing and kept unqualified or irresponsible drivers off the road. Due to these safety restrictions that have been imposed on drivers, employees who have a CDL and drive irresponsibly, risk the chance of losing not only their commercial driver’s license or their hard-earned money, but they also risk losing their job.

If you have a traffic violation that you would like assistance on, seeking the help of an experienced attorney, who has proven results when dealing with all traffic crimes or CDL (commercial driver’s license) issues, could drastically increase your probability of better results.

While we never guarantee outcomes, because each case is so different and unique, we have seen much success over time in aggressively defending our clients. Those results include deferred adjudication and diversion of charges, and even outright dismissal of charges. Outcomes cannot be guaranteed by anyone, but at Sudduth and Associates, we pride ourselves on guaranteeing to our clients our heart, our passion, and our every effort.

Having the experienced team of paralegals, investigators, and attorneys at Sudduth & Associates, LLC on your side is invaluable to you receiving the best possible outcome. Call us today to see how we can help you level the playing field to get the best possible outcome in your case!

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