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- Bills signed into Louisiana law by Gov. Edwards

- Child Custody and Moving Away: What to expect

- Expunging or Sealing an Adult Criminal Record

- Things to consider when creating trusts for your children

- When An Immigrant Is Involved In Domestic Abuse

- First offense DWI / DUI Charges: What You Should Know

- How Much Is That Traffic Ticket Costing You?

- Understanding Insurance and How to Protect Yourself

- You Vs. The HOA

- Age Discrimination and your Legal Rights

- Basic Immigration Employment Rights

- Can Parents Be Charged For Failing To Keep Their Guns  Locked Up?

- What a Legal Defense Can DoFor Criminal Drug Charges

- Disability Discrimination and your Basic Rights

- Do you have to use a divorce lawyer

- Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

- Social Security Benefits and Passing Them to Unclaimed Children

- Refunding Security Deposits...What are the legal requirements?

- Undocumented Immigrants and their rights

- Workers’ Compensation When You Have Multiple Jobs

- 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Settling Your Car Accident Claim

- Pediatric Malpractice

- The Complexities of Assault and Battery charges

- What women should know about pregnancy discrimination

- Workers' Comp...When to settle?

- Personal Injury Law

- The Gray Area of Workplace Discrimination

- What exactly is a postnuptial agreement?

- So Help Me God' May Remain in U.S. Citizenship Oath

- Traffic School Basics

- Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Better for My Credit Than Chapter 7?

- What is a home seller required to disclose?

- The Rules of Proving Fault in Personal Injury Accidents

- Are severance packages required in Louisiana?

- Does Smart Home Technology Give Police a Window into Your "Nest"?

- How To Create a basic Will

- Wrongful Termination: Was Your Firing Illegal?

Dealing with Disgruntled Former Employees​

Railroad Worker Injuries and FELA Claims

Laws Regarding Firearms or Explosives

- The Liability of the Distributor for a Defective Food Product​

- What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Premises Liability​

- Understanding fire damage legal liability coverage​

- Construction Accidents & Injury Claims​

- Wrongful Death Overview

- Denied Workers Compensation Claims​

- Rear-Ended: Accident Liability and Compensation​

- Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

- When to Settle Your Motorcycle Accident Case​ 

- Common Cause of Truck Accidents​


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