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About Us

Here at Sudduth & Associates, LLC, one of the features that we are most proud of in our new facility is our main conference room, which we have nicknamed “The Coliseum”. “The Coliseum” derives its name, very similar to “Sudduth & Associates, LLC”, in history.

A long-standing vision and dream of James E. “Jim” Sudduth were for the City he loved to have a Civic Center or Centre de Civique in the heart of downtown for civic events and gatherings. In 1972, Jim Sudduth was serving as the Mayor for the City of Lake Charles and after years of construction, historic levels of investment, and unprecedented levels of technology to engage in land reclamation in the same year, the Lake Charles Civic Center opened. Posthumously the City of Lake Charles honored Mayor Sudduth by naming the main 7,450 seats multi-purpose arena the Sudduth Coliseum.


This Sudduth Coliseum, while it certainly cannot sit seven thousand people, also used cutting edge technology for its time in order to transform the legal landscape for today and into the feature. We invite you to learn more about the capabilities of this beautiful, state of the art conference room. However, we will describe some for you here.

Today Sudduth & Associates enjoys a connected conference room with:


  • A dedicated court recorder area,
  • Clock Audio microphones,
  • A Crestron touch panel,
  • Extron and Lumens cameras (12 in all),
  • LG and Sharp displays, and
  • A TVOne videowall processor.​

Our Facility

The Coliseum was constructed in collaboration with teams across the country including, but not limited to, Brewster Technologies (“Brewster”), who assisted in collaborating the Crestron Technology into the building as a whole, as well as the Coliseum; and Advanced Everything AV Connected (“Advanced”) who conducted the main audio and video work for the conference room.


Advanced first collaborated with local technology integration firm Brewster Technologies to install a Crestron control system, which serves as an intuitive means to control all audio and visual components. The system’s parts – including the displays, video processors, microphones, and cameras – are integrated into the control platform so that the user experience is entirely seamless.

Our Technology

To help the Sudduth & Associates’ legal team seamlessly make detailed presentations, Advanced installed two displays in the boardroom: one 2 panel x 4 panel LG 49” Ultra-Narrow Bezel LED Backlit Display, and one Sharp 60” AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display with 6-point multi-touch screen edge lit LED backlight.


“The LG display offers a stunning, high resolution picture, which is necessary when closely analyzing images or evidence,” Advanced Senior Account Manager Greg Priest said, “while the interactive Sharp board offers interactive functionality so that lawyers can circle or draw over an illustration if need be.”

Advanced also installed a TVOne videowall processer so that users can toggle between one to multiple sources on the LG display with a simple swipe on a centrally-located 15” Crestron touch panel. 


When making a presentation, the legal team can showcase a spreadsheet, a video, and a conference call on the same screen in full 4K.

In order to outfit the room for depositions, Advanced installed a cutting-edge conferencing system, with video and audio functionality made possible by multiple Clock Audio Microphones and Lumens and Extron cameras. Twelve of the cameras are fitted with a high brightness LED Halo, which indicates whether a mic is live for total transparency.


A first for Advanced, they also installed a specific area for a court recorder, outfitted with a 22” LG display and a headset that streams audio from the microphones stations throughout the room. “The audio and videoconferencing system is also set up to record content and audio streams to track depositions and statements,” explained Advanced Director of Project Implementation, Systems Integration Scott Wouters. “This is especially important for the legal team when preparing their cases.”


The videoconferencing system also offers wireless connectivity so that anyone can walk into the boardroom with their own device and immediately connect it. “It was of paramount importance for our client that collaboration was not only possible, but extremely easy,” Wouters said. “Anyone in the law or legal community can walk into the boardroom, connect to the WiFi network, and use the system to make a presentation.”


In short, gone are the days of depositions via legal pad. This conference room contains technology that is far and away the most advanced of its kind in the country. I truly believe that this conference room will change the way law is viewed and practiced in the Lake Charles area for decades to come and you will see many people begin to follow suit.

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