Local Counsel

For those law firms and attorneys that are either out of state or even within Louisiana but not in the Southwest Louisiana region the importance of local counsel cannot be understated. Both Lake Charles and the Southwest Louisiana region have a unique and fascinating history. The families that are rooted here have been here for, in most cases, generations with deep ties to their communities, family, and friends. We at Sudduth & Associates, LLC stand behind our slogan of “Name You Know, Attorneys You Trust” a slogan that is never more impactful than when discussing the importance of local counsel.


Our roots as a firm in both Lake Charles with Lake Charles attorneys and Southwest Louisiana are both storied and deep. We invite you to peruse our website specifically the About Us section to see more for yourself about our History in the Lake Charles area.


One of the areas of practice that as a firm we have enjoyed is helping other peers and colleagues in the legal field by guiding them through the intricacies of Louisiana law or even the intricacies of legal practice in southwest Louisiana and Lake Charles. We have assisted attorneys and firms both in state and out of state as their Lake Charles local counsel, Calcasieu Parish local counsel, or co-counsel depending on the case and the needs of our colleagues.


If you find yourself needing an experienced and respected hand to guide you through the legal system in both Southwest Louisiana or Lake Charles specifically we are happy to speak with you to see how our team can help yours.

Local Counsel​

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