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Family and Divorce Issues

Family and Divorce Issues

Divorce will never be easy. Your divorce will probably involve a wide range of issues that must be resolved. No “fault” is required as grounds for divorce in Louisiana, so a divorce may be granted simply because one or both of the parties want one, so long as the parties live separate and apart for the requisite period of time either before or after filing.
In some divorce cases, the parties share a desire to settle matters with as little conflict as possible. Uncontested divorces are always the most cost effective option, and our goal at Sudduth & Associates is to explore simple, cost effective solutions when possible.
Often, however, the parties cannot or will not agree on simple resolutions to their issues. Hotly contested issues usually include child custody and child support, property division, and spousal support, which is commonly referred to as alimony. Contested divorce and child custody disputes can inflict irreparable damage on a family, including the children. No one wants to see a divorce tear, or inflict enormous costs of litigation.
Sudduth & Associates has established a reputation for excellence by helping couples resolve their conflicts amicably even in the most highly contested divorce cases.
When complex issues arise in divorce, there are many ways to deal with them. Some will battle it out through bitter and costly litigation, others set aside their personal feelings long enough to work out the details.
Alternative dispute resolution can be a very effective means of settling the issues that accompany a divorce. In fact, mediation over custody is highly encouraged by our legal system.
We are Louisiana divorce attorneys who encourage to the mediation process whenever possible. Louisiana courts tend to be very flexible if the parties are able to “get along” in order to move on with their lives, and we can help you through this process as simply as possible, if that’s what you want.


Unfortunately, mediation does not work for everyone. Many divorce proceedings will remain contested. If the time comes when it is not in you or your child’s best interest to continue negotiations, you need attorneys thoroughly prepared for aggressive litigation.

Every situation is unique and requires specific attention, because we believe there is a unique solution to fit to every situation. Whether your divorce is an agreeable transition or a battle, we will handle your legal proceedings with care, attention and compassion. If you reside in Calcasieu Parish, your court is our second home. We have spent years getting to know the judges and hearing officers, and will always use our experiences and the court’s tendencies to guide you towards the solution that is best for you.

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