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Our Clients say…


Brilliant, thoughtful and flawless lawyer! The most knowledgeable and valuable lawyer I have met in Louisiana!

The most knowledgeable and valuable lawyer I have met in Louisiana. Easy to see why he is in the top 10 of lawyers in the entire state. If you need to hire a lawyer it can be a very stressful and uncertain ordeal. I was so very fortunate and grateful to have hired and met Mr. Scott Ogden for my case of child custody that I am almost at a lost for words. If you ever have a need for a family lawyer who will understand exactly what you are trying to say and can put himself in your shoes and fight exactly like you would if you were a lawyer and say the things exactly like you meant them to be said, just better. You need to hire Mr. Scott Ogden right now. He is the most professional lawyer I have ever dealt with and his communications skills add to the excellent service and skills he provided. For me, I need reassurance from time to time and Mr. Ogden would call me back the same day or send you a email. He will find a way to get in touch with you to let you know that he got your message and is working your ideas or the angle you are thinking. Also, he will vigorously defend your points, rights and values. After seeing him in action, I would never think of hiring a different family lawyer in Lake Charles or the surrounding area and my family and friends agree. I believe Scott is one of the best lawyers in the country. When you have only one chance to make something right you better go with a lawyer who is at the top of the field. That lawyer is Mr. Scott Ogden no question about it.


James is a fantastic attorney!

Extremely professional. Honest. Ethical. James is a fantastic attorney and I would recommend him to anyone.


This is a law firm that cares about what they're doing!

These guys are thorough, competent, confident, knowledgable, and so much more. This is a law firm that cares about what they're doing. Highly recommended, and respected. Thank you!


Beyond satisfied!

Mr. Sudduth was an amazing lawyer and an amazing person. He actually cared and you could tell. His staff was equally amazing, compassionate and accommodating. I am beyond pleased.

Brilliant legal mind!

James Sudduth is a brilliant legal mind and a premier up and coming attorney. I highly recommend him. He is superior to all other attorneys in Lake Charles and his staff is well-above par.

Perfect mix of humble and confident!

From the very first time that I met with Mr. Sudduth, I could tell that I was in good hands. He was a perfect mix of humble and confident. He was able to take my case that I had no hope for and get an outcome that was better than I could've ever anticipated. I am so thankful for him and his entire staff. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process and ensured me that they had everything under control. I would recommend Mr. Sudduth to anyone looking for his services.

Mr. Sudduth was the answer!

After being jerked around by two previous lawyers, I was at my wits end to find someone in the Calcasieu Parish of a professional nature, dedicated to take my case. Mr. Sudduth was the answer. He and his associates took on the job with full confidence, transparency, and above all-due diligence. They worked hard from beginning to end, while always maintaining communication and excellent service. Though I would hope never to require legal representation again, James and his team would be the folks I would call.

If you're looking an attorney to fight for you, call James!

James was crucial in the process of navigating my way through a difficult time at my job. I consulted him on a number of occasions about how to properly (and legally) handle my problem with the office administration and human resource professionals. Throughout the entire ordeal, James could not have been more professional, courteous and knowledgable regarding my employment issue. He was prompt with his responses and could not have shown more compassion for the issue. If you're looking an attorney to fight for you, call James.

Charles M.

I highly recommend Mr. Sudduth!

I consulted Mr. Sudduth about creating an operating agreement and independent contractor contract as part of an existing LLC. He was 'Johnny on the spot' as he responded to my questions and made recommendations and suggestions. He was easy to reach and communicate with. He finalized my project in a timely manner. I highly recommend Mr. Sudduth!


Absolutely amazing!

Scott has been absolutely amazing through my legal matters and getting us to this new chapter in mine and my kids lives. Thank you, Scott!


Attorney with knowledge and heart!

Scott is willing to go the extra mile, and tackle legal problems that sometimes seem insurmountable! Not only is he knowledgeable about my legal issues, he cares-- and that's a rarity with attorneys today. He is also an asset to not only me, but my family-- he even met us at a local nursing home to get our legal papers signed. You cannot ask for better service. Scott makes Sudduth and Associates look good!! Keep up the good work!!

John Arnold

Felony charges dismissed!

I would like to say thank you to James Sudduth for being a great attorney and friend during my trying time. I had a felony pending over my head and he believed in me and stood by me through this ordeal and got me a full dismissal on all charges! I would recommend James to anyone needing a great, aggressive attorney who knows how to get the job done in a timely manner. Thanks again!

Adam Pitts

Better than the big firms!

When I found myself with some legal troubles with a contractor, I originally hired one of the large, well-known firms in South Louisiana. However, with the size of my dispute being relatively small, I quickly realized that I was a small fish in a big pond and was not getting the personalized attention my situation needed. The other party in my dispute had also enrolled the counsel of another big-time firm in the area, however, so I needed to make sure that whomever my counsel was could handle the rigors of fighting against a large, powerful firm. That is when I was referred to Scott Ogden with Sudduth and Associates. The difference in the counsel I received was immediate, and drastic! Passionate. Genuine. Efficient. Those words would probably best sum up Scott’s performance as my legal counsel. From the day I enrolled his services, he took immediate initiative and, seemingly within hours, was well versed in all of the details of my situation. I could instantly tell that he genuinely cared about my situation and would do anything and everything to bring it whatever resolution I wanted to pursue. He kept a constant eye on his fees, making sure to not only represent be passionately, but also to be efficient in doing so. The larger firm had been “working” on my case for about 6 weeks but, within about a week of switching counsel, Scott had worked my situation to a resolution! I can’t express enough how grateful I am for Scott and the work he did for me. As a small business, legal troubles can be daunting and, with the multitude of overly expensive attorneys out there, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Scott’s rates were reasonable, he was efficient, and even presented me options for items I could take care of in order to mitigate my costs. Outside of the reasonable costs, Scott was clearly an attorney that truly, legitimately, cared about my situation. I never doubted for a minute that he cared more about my result than his paycheck. If you find yourself with legal troubles or questions, don’t look anywhere else! I can’t recommend them enough! With Scott’s performance on my case, I have no doubt it will only be a matter of time before it’s Sudduth, Ogden, and Associates!

Sherese P.

They were heaven-sent!

They were heaven-sent! They treated us as if we were family. It was a blessing and a pleasure to be able to work with these guys.

Dennis T.

Mr. Sudduth exhibits genuine concern for my situation!

Mr. Sudduth exhibits genuine concern for my situation, and he worked with me to bring my case to a positive outcome. I was really impressed that he was willing to travel two hours in each direction to file my paperwork in the appropriate courthouse.


He helped us with our legal needs!

He helped us with our legal needs (e.g. representation, legal advice) both in business and personal. He takes time to explain things, and I feel at ease that I am doing the right thing based on his advice. I consider him as my personal lawyer and a friend. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs legal help and advice. You won't regret it.


I know I've made the right choice!

Having led a billion dollar project, retiring from the military and retiring as a Sr. Federal Government Employee, you might say I have high standards for selecting an attorney. I approached James with my EEOC case that was complicated with both Retaliation and Discrimination. EEOC cases are time driven with events which must be completed on schedule. Literally, in a matter of weeks, he had to review, access and figure out how best to develop the complaint and meet all the requirements. While we discussed the case back and forth, James was always steady, calm and listened intently, making sure he got all the facts and details he needed to represent me and go to work quickly. He worked diligently and tirelessly to meet all the built-in deadlines. When I finally read the complaint filing and compared it to other like cases and law standards, I was very impressed with his skill and attention to detail and how thoroughly he’d been. Long story short, our complaint filing met the standards and protocol for filing and we have a case that’s in the system. While we have only begun this journey, I know I’ve made the right choice. In the end no matter what’s your case, if having someone on your side that gives a 110% and delivers a quality product is important, then James Sudduth III comes with my highest personal recommendation.


A cut above the rest!

James and his caring team of professionals are a cut above the rest! They truly care about the legal issues I face, and aren't just 'going through the motions.' It's been a tremendous help during this transitional period in my life to have James in my corner.


Incredibly professional!

I have worked with James on a multitude of cases as an adversary when he was a prosecutor. James was alway professional and considered all of the facts when working towards resolution of matters. He exercised great wisdom in the execution of his job as a prosecutor. As a private attorney, I have consulted several times with James and he continues to be incredibly professional always extending himself. He is one of the local attorneys to whom I refer clients who are seeking counsel in areas that I do not practice.


Scott was very quick to respond to my needs!

As a business owner, I am always looking for the best services that benefit myself and my business. Scott Ogden was very quick to respond to my needs, asked my opinion on the topics that I needed addressed, and he delivered legal documents within a very timely manner. I highly recommend him as a consultant for your legal matters.

Leketha W.

Looking for a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate? Hire Michael S. Ogden!

Michael S. Ogden is very personable, approachable and has a good relationship with the court as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the trade. This is a plus if you are dealing with sensible soon to be ex’es who want to move on and act like adults. But he is also a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate when you are dealing with a case like mine. He is a bulldog when confronting non-reasonable people. Michael is no push over. When the other side tried to use coercive tactics, Michael pushed back. There were periods where I thought Michael was putting his career on the line for me as he powerfully, passionately, vigorously and non reservedly spoke up to the Court. Mr. Ogden later told me that he did it because he felt that it was the right thing to do. He had to let the court know the truth no matter what. I was touched. Mr. Ogden has been a dedicated counsel and friend. I feel bad that I am eating into his personal time, but Michael constantly assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.

Gabriel H.

Best criminal defense attorney in the Lake Area!

As an attorney who's still representing me, I can only say one thing: Scott will battle and fight for you, through thick and thin, for justice. Better yet, he will do whatever it takes to address your legal situation, no matter how large it may seem, for your benefit, if you strive to better yourself. All in all, he is honest, sincere, very professional, and will do what it takes.

Matt L.

Great lawyer!

Great lawyer! Very smart and gets the job done. Scott will take your case and make it a priority to get positive results. I'm a very happy client and would recommend anyone with family matters to him. He's a young lawyer on the rise.


I highly recommend Michael S. Ogden!

I must say I am very pleased thus far. From the first consultation by phone, I felt comfortable with this team handling my legal matters. I am pleased and confident that I have made the right decision. I highly recommend Michael S. Ogden Jr.

Joshua D.

Helpful and responsive in business purchase!

I worked with Scotty doing the purchase of a business in October. Not only was he helpful in giving honest feedback and recommendations out of concern for my well-being during the process, he was always quick in response as we countered. The seller's counsel would often take up to 2 weeks to get back to us, but we were always able to counter within 2 days because of Scotty's quick response.